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IS AM ARE : Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris beserta Kunci Jawaban

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Exercise of Is, Am, and Are in Simple Present Tense (CODE: 20)

Materi: IS AM ARE

Choose Is, Am, or Are into the Sentences below.

1. I think our new bed (is/am/are) very comfortable.

2. I’m sorry. The shops around here (is/am/are) temporarily close.

3. Mr. Johan’s daughter (is/am/are) not seven years old but seventeen.

4. Tamami dan Nufudz (is/am/are) Jember.

5. The trousers (is/am/are) not new.

6. Those flowers (is/am/are) beautiful.

7. Much information in your essay (is/am/are) complete.

8. I (is/am/are) not very happy today.

9. I’m so happy that the weather (is/am/are) nice today.

10. The exams (is/am/are) very difficult.

11. What color (is/am/are) your hats?

12. Where (is/am/are) my socks, Mum?

13. Why (is/am/are) Johan angry with me?

14. Why (is/am/are) you always late?

15. How much (is/am/are) these scissors?

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