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Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Past Continuous Tense

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Exercise of Past Continuous Tense (CODE: 06)

Choose the verb phrase form in the sentence

1. At 7 o’clock yesterday morning, Monica (was having/were having) breakfast while Nana and Anton (was doing/were doing) homework.

2. Luckily, I was not too late. I came in the room when a presenter (was reading/were reading) the keynote’s curriculum vitae.

3. At noon two days ago, I ran into my ex when my family and I (was eating out/were eating out) at a Chinese restaurant.

4. Why did you just text me and get me out? I (was not doing / were not doing) anything.

5. You know, my father came across an old family picture when he (was organizing/were organizing) his work archives.

Please choose the proper word to complete the sentences below. Make sure you put correct verb forms.

Ride – hiking – bake – sew – peel

6. George was out of the phone because he … up mountain.

7. I told my mother that my skirt ripped. On the next morning, when I found her, she … it.

8. It was a horrible morning. I surprised Tono from his back when he was … fruit.

9. I saw a little girl at the park alone, and she … a three-wheel-bicycle.

10. There was a siren going off when we … cakes in the kitchen.

Choose True or False in the Sentences Below

11. The students was fighting when the principal arrived. (true/false)

12. I didn’t want to call on Bonita because she was playing with her friend. (true/false)

13. My mum couldn’t wait any longer, so she texted my dad. He was see a new client. (true/false)

14. Sorry for my late reply last night. I were celebrating my dad’s birthday at around 7 p.m. last night. (true/false)

15. Oh my goodness! I cannot imagine. Last night, I was waiting for you while you were hanging around with your friends. (true/false)


Change these sentences into difference structure forms.

16. (+) Santoso was hammering the nails into the wood.


17. (?) Was Grandma Susie knitting my sweater?


18. (-) Ria and Rini were not sleeping in their room.


19. (+) Darwin was drawing a house blueprint.


20. (-) Sandra was not weeping.


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