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Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Perbedaan WILL, BE GOING TO, dan SHALL | Joesin

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Exercise of Will/Be Going To/Shall (CODE: 08)

Choose Will/Be Going To Based on the Context below.  

1. Tony, why don’t you come over on weekend? My kids (will/are going to) enjoy seeing you again.

2. Well, my brother (will/is going to) be 27 in the next February.

3. Look at her face. She looks frown. I think she (will/is going to) come up to us and say something bad.

4. Nanda: “Who’s calling? I’m in the shower!”

Romi: “I (will/am going to) pick it up for you, Nan.”

5. This is my resolution in 2022. I (will/am going to) gain more weight.

Complete the Dialogues below with either Will or Be Going To.

6. Munir: What’s the matter with Pram?

Sarinah: He says he …. be sick.

Munir: He’ll feel better with some fresh air.


7. Sandra: Did you get Spidermen tickets for us?

Soni: No. They were run out. I … check them again to the locket tomorrow.


8. Sastro: What are these bricks for, Wulan?

Wulan: I … build a wall at the side of the yard.


9. Clerk: We have all sizes of the shoes. What size do you want?

Rossi: I … buy the shoes in 42.


10. Nadia: Have you explained the task instruction to Rama?

Bana: Not yet. If you want me to, I… explain it to him.

Choose Either Shall/Will in the Sentences below.

11. My goodness! I left my wallet in the car. (will/shall) you lend me some?

12. Mr. Tama, the wind blows into the room bit cooler. (will/shall) I shut the window?

13. Tara, tell your mother. I (will/shall) probably be home late tonight.

Choose False or True to the Sentences below.

14. I shall be late this evening (true/false)

15. Don’t worry about the salary. I’m sure it will be worth it. (true/false)

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