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Exercise of Simple Past Tense and Simple Present Tense (KODE: 05)


Choose A, B, C, or D to fill in the sentence correctly

1. Listen up. Roshi … an athlete ten years ago, but he … now a businessman.

A. Was – is

B. Is – is

C. Was – was

D. Is – was


2. Samira! Yesterday Joshua met me and … me this package for you.

A. Give

B. Gives

C. Gave

D. Given


3. The flight ticket to Bali before Pandemic cost expensive, but it … cheaper this year.

A. Costed

B. Costs

C. Cost

D. Costing


4. Who … with you at restaurant last night?

A. Come

B. Comes

C. Came

D. Comed

5. How happy I am. The cinemas … again.

A. Opened

B. Opens

C. Opening

D. Open

Please choose the proper word to complete the sentences below. Make sure you put correct verb forms.

Scold – snore – complain – hit – lead

6. I forgot submitting my task, but Mr. Danu didn’t … me.

7. This hotel needs more renovations because many visitors … the building condition.

8. Romi … the meeting last month because the boss was out of city.

9. I think we should sleep in the different tent because you always … you sleep.

10. You’ve got to listen to me. This morning a motorcycle … a policeman’s car. It was horrible.

Choose True or False in the Sentences Below

11. The weather is bad yesterday. (false/true)

12. Two days ago, Roni fell down from the bicycle and breaks his legs. (false/true)

13. My youngest brother rarely brushes his teeth before going to bed. (false/true)

14. Kim’s pet cat was died, and he buried it in the backyard. (false/true)

15.  The meeting moves to Tuesday. (false/true)


Complete the dialogues below

16. Santoso: I don’t believe it. Surya passed the test with perfect score. He must cheat.

Agung: …

A. He study hard before the test.

B. He studies hard before the test.

C. He studied hard before the test.

D. He studying hard before the test.


17. Meta: Are you ready to perform?

Mona: …

A. Sure. I practice a lot before today, so yeah I am ready.

B. Sure. I practiced a lot before today, so yeah I am ready.

C. Sure. I practices a lot before today, so yeah I am ready.

D. Sure. I practicing a lot before today, so yeah I am ready.


18. Boni: Where are your eyeglasses?

Jarot: …

A. They are in the room.

B. It is in the room.

C. They were in the room.

D. It was in the room.


19. Santi: …?

Rosa: No, I don’t hear anything.

A. Did you hear something?

B. Do you hear something?

C. Were you hearing something?

D. Are you hearing something?


20. Bram: …

Malik: Are you sure?

A. If you answer my question correctly, I will treat you.

B. If you answers my question correctly, I will treat you.

C. If you answered my question correctly, I will treat you.

D. If you answer my question correctly, I will treated you.

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