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Present Continuous Tense Worksheet (Code: 002)

Please pick out the proper word to complete the sentences below. Make sure you put correct be verb (is/am/are).

Coming – having – building – cooking – swimming – standing – playing

1. Listen up! Cassandra is playing the violin.

2. My dad and his team … a new apartment in the city at present.

3. Have a look! A big fish … in the river.

4. Sutrisno! You … on the wet floor. Move away from there.

5. Hurry up! The bus …

6. Can you please call me later? I … dinner meal for my family.

7. Sorry, Anni … a shower now. You can phone again later.


Complete the dialogues below!

8. Rasiman      : Where is Sulis?

Rina                 : ….

A. She sleeping at the moment.

B. She is sleeping at my room.

C. She sleeps.

D. She is sleep at my room


9. Rasiman      : …?

Rina                 : He is watching TV now.

A. Is your father watching TV?

B. What does your father do?

C. What is your father doing?

D. What are your father do?


10. Rasiman    : …?

Rina                 : Yes, it is.

A. Is it raining there?

B. Are there raining?

C. Does it rain now?

D. Do it rain now?


Choose True / False on These Sentences Below.

11. Is you working now, Arman? (True/false)

12. Many fish are swimming in the pole. (True/false)

13. Danila and Dion are get along to finish Mr. Agus’ task. (True/false)

14. Soimah is getting older now. (True/false)

15. All students are doing a test now. (True/false)


Pick out the proper verb form.

16. I (am wanting/ want) a new room color.

17. Dinar (is hearing / is listening) to music at the moment.

18. Mr. Budi (is involving me/ involves) me in the team.

19. What (do/are) you (need/needing) now?

20. Tony (is driving/ driving) car very fast now.

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