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Past Continuous Tense VS Simple Past Tense Worksheet | Joesin

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Exercise of Past Continuous Tense VS Simple Past Tense (CODE: 07)

Choose the correct verb forms in the sentences below

1. Sorry, I (was sleeping/slept), so I didn’t hear you come in.

2. What (did you do/were you doing)? I was fixing my radio.

3. (Did you have / Were you having) a good time in Germany? Yes, I obviously had a blast!

4. Well, the Headmaster came in when we (were writing / wrote) notes in class.

5. The accident took place when she (was having / had) a driving lesson.

Turn the base verbs below into correct forms.

I (6) …(see) Darman in town yesterday, but he (7) … (not/see) me. He (8) …(look) the other way.


I (9) … (meet) Romi and Rokhim at the airport a few weeks ago. They (10)… (go) to Paris and I (11) … (go) to Berlin. We (12) … (have) a chat a while we (13) … (wait) for our flights.


I (14) … (cycle) home yesterday when a man (15) … (step) out into the road in front of me. I (16) … (go) quite fast, but luckily I (17)… (manage) to stop in time and (18) … (not / hit) him.


I (19) … (feel) weird at the bus stop yesterday. Everyone read a book while they (20) … (wait) for the bus.

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