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TOEFL LISTENING SKILL 1 | Joesin Translation

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Skill 1 (Focus on the Second Line)


Orang kedua biasanya menyatakan jawaban dari pertanyaan soal.

Meski begitu, tetap pahami pembicara pertama untuk membantu kamu menangkap kata kunci yang sedang mereka bicarakan.

Lalu, fokuslah pada pembicara kedua.

Untuk menentukan jawaban, pastikan kamu tidak mencari kata yang sama persis karena biasanya jawaban ditulis dengan paraphrase.




1. Woman        : How soon will you be leaving?

Man                 : I’m on my way now.

Narrator           : What does the man mean?


A. He is leaving now

B. He has to go out of his way

C. He will not be leaving soon

D. He will do it his own way


2. Man             : Was Steve able to get into the house?

Woman            : I left the door unlocked for him.

Narrator           : What does the woman assume Steve did?


A. He locked the door

B. He tried unsuccessfully to get into the house

C. He was able to open the door

D. He left the house without locking the door


3. Man : The dinner special is roast turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy and apple pie for dessert.

Woman: That doesn't sound good to me.

Narrator: What does the woman mean?

A. She doesn’t like to listen to turkeys

B. She thinks the dinner sounds special

C. She especially likes the roast turkey

D. She’d prefer the different dinner


4. Woman: Could you help me with my physics homework tonight? I’m really having trouble with it.

Man     : Sorry, I’m busy tonight.

Narrator: What does the man imply?

A. He’ll be busy with her homework tonight

B. He can’t help her tonight

C. He’s sorry he can’t ever help her

D. He’ll help her with her physics


5. Man : What did you think of Professor Martin’s lecture on the migratory habits of whales?

Woman: I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Narrator: What does the woman mean?

A. Her eyes hurt

B. She thought the lecture was great

C. The class was boring

D. She didn’t want to watch Professor Martin


6. Woman: Have this month’s bills been paid, or is that something we need to take care of now?

Man     : I paid the phone and electricity but not the credit cards.

Narrator: What does the man mean?

A. Not all the bills have been paid

B. They don’t have enough credit to pay the bills

C. What she said on the phone was credible

D. He used a credit card to pay some of the bills


7. Man : Will you be able to get back from running all your errands by 4:00?

Woman: I’ll be back as quickly as I can.

Narrator: What does the woman say she’ll do?

A. She’ll call back quickly

B. She’ll definitely be back by 4:00.

C. She’ll give it back by 4:00.

D. She’ll try to return fast

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