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Skill 12 (Listen for Expressions of Uncertainty and Suggestion)



Perhatikan ucapan orang kedua

Jika orang kedua mengisyaratkan sebuah ketidakyakinan, biasanya seperti question tag formatnya, maka kamu perlu mencari poin jawaban yang mengibaratkan kemungkinan.

Jika orang kedua mengisyaratkan saran atau ajakan, perhatikan subjek dan kata kerja yang diucapkan


Expressions of Uncertainty and Suggestion



… isn’t it (tag)?

As far as I know

As far as I can tell

Why not…?



1. Woman: Are we supposed to read all ten chapters before the exam?

Man     : As far as I can tell, we are.

Narrator: What does the man mean?

A. He’s sure about which chapters they are to read

B. He thinks he knows what the assignment is

C. He has to tell her how far she should go

D. The professor told them to read the chapters after the exam


2. Man : You’re out of apple pie!

Woman: Sorry. Why not try the cherry pie?

Narrator: What does the woman suggest?

A. The man should take the pie out

B. The man should try something else

C. The man shouldn’t try cherry pie

D. The man should feel sorry


3. Woman: Do you know when the movie starts?

Man     : It starts at 8:00, doesn’t it?

Narrator: What does the man mean?

A. He knows the movie starts at 8:00

B. He is not quite sure when the movie begins

C. He thinks the start of the movie has been changed

D. He will start the movie himself at 8:00


4. Woman: We can’t leave now. We have to do the dishes.

Man     : Let’s leave the dishes until later.

Narrator: What does the woman suggest?

A. Not doing the dishes now

B. Leaving the house with the dishes

C. Leaving later so that they can do the dishes now

D. Washing the dishes before they leave


5. Man : Do you think Matt has enough talent for the role?

Woman: As far as I can tell.

Narrator: What does the woman mean?

A. She’s toll Matt he’ll go far

B. Matt has far from enough talent

C. She told Matt to roll farther

D. She believes Matt has the ability for the part


6. Woman: Did you hear that Mary’s in the hospital with a broken leg?

Man     : Let’s go visit her.

Narrator: What does the man suggest?

A. They should go to the hospital

B. Mary should visit the man

C. The woman should try not to break her leg

D. They should go on a trip with Mary


7. Man : Where are the children?

Woman: They’ve gone to the park to play ball, haven’t they?

Narrator: What does the woman mean?

A. She knows where the children are

B. The children have finished playing ball

C. She’s going to the park to find the children

D. She believes that the children are in the park

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