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Skill 13 (Listen for Negatives with Comparatives)

Emphatic expression biasanya mengindikasikan penutur tidak berharap suatu hal yang ia dengar terjadi. Dan suara yang dipakai berupa suara dengan tekanan nada tinggi

Carilah jawaban yang setidaknya mengindikasikan kebalikan dari apa yang penutur ucapkan

Expressions of Emphatic Surprise


Emphatic form





Present tense


Past tense


Perfect tense

Be, with emphasis

Modal, with emphasis

Do(es), with emphasis


Did, with emphasis


Have, with emphasis

Then, he is here!

Then, you can go!

Then, you do play tennis!

Then, she did read it.

Then, he has gone there.

I thought he was not here.

I thought you could not go.

I thought you did not play tennis.

I thought she had not read it.


I thought he had not gone there.


1. Man : Greg should be here any moment.

Woman: Then, he is coming to the party!

Narrator: What had the woman assumed?

A. Greg always comes to parties

B. Greg would come to the party later.

C. Greg was unable to attend the party.

D. Greg would stay at the party for only a moment.


2. Woman: My motorcycle is over there. That’s how I got to school today.

Man     : So you can ride a motorcycle.

Narrator: What had the man assumed?

A. The woman always rode her motorcycle to school.

B. The woman was not coming to school today.

C. The woman was an expert motorcycle rider.

D. The woman did not know how to ride a motorcycle


3. Man : I’m having a few friends over for dinner tonight. Would you like to come?

Woman: So you do know how to cook!

Narrator: What had the woman assumed?

A. The mas was not a very good cook

B. The man never invited friends over her dinner

C. The man would never invite him over for dinner

D. The man was an excellent cook


4. Woman: I’m so tired from all that exercise.

Man     : Then, you did run three miles this morning.

Narrator: What had the man assumed?

A. The woman had run more than three miles

B. The woman always got lots of exercise

C. The woman ran for three hours in the morning

D. The woman had not gotten much exercise


5. Man :  I just spent five hours working on my research project.

Woman: Bob, you were in the library!

Narrator: What had the woman assumed about Bob?

A. He had been somewhere else

B. He had been in the library

C. He had been working on his research project

D. He would start working on his project in five hours


6. Man : I just finished carrying the last piece of furniture.

Woman: Then, you have moved into a new apartment!

Narrator: What had the woman assumed about the man?

A. He had changed apartments

B. He did not like his new apartment

C. He was still in his old apartment

D. He had moved from a house to an apartment


7. Woman: Would you like to share some of this piece of chocolate cake?

Man     : So you do eat sweets.

Narrator: What had the man assumed?

A. The woman did not like desserts

B. The woman ate sweets regularly

C. The woman would not share her chocolate cake

D. The woman had eaten his piece of cake

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