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TOEFL LISTENING SKILL 2 | Joesin Translation

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Skill 2 (Choose the Answer with Synonyms)


Kamu perhatikan pembicara kedua, lalu carilah kata kuncinya. Perhatikan kata apa yang disampaikan.

Perhatikan pada pilihan jawabanmu. Apabila ada pilihan jawaban yang memiliki sinonim secara kata maupun frasa, bisa jadi itulah jawabannya.



1. Woman        : What did you think of the final exam in algebra?

Man                 : It was too easy.

Narrator           : What does the man mean?

A. The final exam was harder than the others

B. There were two exams rather than one

C. He thought the exam would be easier

D. The exam was not very difficult


2. Woman        : How are feeling today?

Man                 : I am really feeling rather sick.

Narrator           : How is the man feeling?

A. He’s not feeling very well

B. He’s rather sick of working

C. He’s feeling better today than yesterday

D. He’d really rather not answer the question


3. Man             : Has your family been in business for quite some time?

Woman: No, the family business was just established last year.

Narrator: What does the woman say about the family business.

A. The company was founded about a year ago

B. It was just established that he could go into business

C. The family is well established

D. The business only lasted a year


4. Woman: Did you have to wait at the airport for a long time?

Man     : No, the plane landed right on schedule.

Narrator: What does the man mean?

A. He did not look at the right schedule

B. The plane landed in the right place

C. The plane arrived on time

D. He had to wait for the plane to land


5. Man : Do you want to join me in the pool?

Woman: Oh, I'll just run and put my suit on.

Narrator: What does the woman imply?


A. She’d rather go running

B. She doesn’t want to go into the pool

C. She’ll change clothes quickly and go swimming

D. She needs a sweatsuit to go running


6. Man : Last night's fire burned the entire hillside.

Woman: At least the homes were saved.

Narrator: What does the woman mean?


A. The firefighters saved the homes for last

B. A firefighter saved the hillside last night

C. The homes on the hillside were burned

D. The house weren’t destroyed


7. Man : Should I add more salt and pepper tothe soup?

Woman:  No, I think there's enough.

Narrator: What does the woman mean?

A. There’s enough soup

B. The spices are adequate.

C. She thinks the soup’s too salty

D. The man should add more salt and pepper.

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