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Skill 3: Avoid Similar Sounds


Perhatikan kata kunci pada pembicara kedua.

Jika kamu temukan dalam pilihan jawaban ada beberapa pernyataan yang mirip suarany dengan kata kunci yang kamu temukan tadi, kemungkinan pernyataan ini bukanlah jawabannya. Jadi, cari yang setidaknya memiliki suara agak berbeda dari kata kunci.



1. Man : How long until you’ll be ready to leave?

Woman: First, I need to water the grass.

Narrator: What does the woman mean?

A. She has to wait for some cash.

B. The waiter is bringing a glass of water.

C. The lawn is too dry.

D. She needs to watch out for a crash.


2. Man             : Do you think I should buy this sweater?

Woman            : But it doesn’t really seem to fit right.

Narrator           : What does the woman mean?

A. The sweater’s the wrong size

B. The man’s feet aren’t sweating

C. The sweater makes the man seem fat

D. The sweet girl doesn’t feel right


3. Woman        : Is Walter’s job near here?

Man                 : Walter has been commuting to Boston on a regular basis.

Narrator           : What does the man say about Walter?

A. He has been regularly using a computer

B. He communicates with a Boston company

C. He regularly goes to communities around Boston

D. He has been traveling back and forth to Boston


4. Woman: Did Bob memorize every detail in the chapter?

Man     : He wasn't able to master the lesson.

Narrator: What does the man mean about Bob?


A. He thought the lesson didn’t matter

B. He couldn’t learn the lesson

C. He learned a massive number of details

D. He didn’t like most of the lesson


5. Man : It's so sad what happened to the animals

Woman: Yes, it is. Whenever there's a forest fire, many animals die.

Narrator: What does the woman mean?

A. Some animals started the first fire

B. Animals are killed by forest fires

C. In the first frost, animals die

D. Frost can kill animals


6. Woman: Do you want to take a look in this store?

Man: You bet. The shoes are on sale for twenty dollars a pair!

Narrator: What does the man mean?

A. Twenty pairs of shoes are on sale

B. The shoe salesclerk spent twenty dollars on pears

C. The shoes cost twenty dollars

D. The shoes could be repaired for twenty dollars.


7. Woman: Why didn't Tom come with us this afternoon?

Man: He was attending a required biology lab.

Narrator: What does the man mean?

A. Tom tended to dislike biology lab.

B. Attendance wasn’t necessary at biology lab.

C. Tom went to biology lab.

D. There was a tendency to require biology lab.

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