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Skill 4 (Draw Conclusion about Who, What, Where)


Perhatikan pertanyaan dari narrator.

Biasanya ada tiga pertanyaan question words yang umum seperti who, what, where.

Who menanyakan siapa yang berbicara dalam percakapan. Contoh: who is probably talking?

What biasanya menanyakan apa yang akan dilakukan oleh pembicara. Contoh: What will he/she probably do next?

Where biasanya menanyakan dimana kiranya percakapan itu dilakukan. Contoh: Where does the conversation probably take place?



1. Woman        : I didn’t bring my laboratory manual today

Man                 : You can share mine. Today we’re conducting the experiment on photosynthesis, and we can work together.

Narrator           : Where does this conversation probably take place?


A. In a photograph studio

B. In a biology laboratory

C. In an office

D. In the library


2. Man             : This is flight 707 requesting permission to land.

Woman            : Flight 707, you’re cleared for landing.

Narrator           : Who is the man?


A. He’s a pilot

B. He’s a flight attendant

C. He’s a member of the grounds crew

D. He works clearing land


3. Woman        : Do you want to do the dishes now or later?

Man                 : I’d rather put them off as long as possible.

Narrator           : What would the man probably do?


A. Wash the dishes immediately

B. Use as many dishes as possible

C. Wash the dishes for as long as possible

D. Wait until later to clean up


4. Man: How much of a tip should I leave?

Woman: Oh, a dollar's plenty. The service wasn't very good.

Narrator: Where does this conversation probably take place?


A. In a bank

B. In a restaurant

C. At a service station

D. In a beauty salon


5. Woman: Can I pick up my shoes on Tuesday? I need them for a party that night.

Man: They should be fixed by then.

Narrator: Who is the man?


A. A salesclerk in a shoe store

B. A shoe repairperson

C. A party caterer

D. A salesclerk in a fixtures department


6. Woman: Did you get pictures of the lions?

Man: Yes, and now let's go to the other side of the park. I want to see the exotic birds.

Narrator: Where does this conversation probably take place?

A. On a playground

B. In a parking lot

C. At a zoo

D. In a photo studio


7. Man: Could you put the letters in the pending file now?

Woman: Yes. Then I can answer them tomorrow.

Narrator: What will the woman probably do?


A. Respond to the mail.

B. Put the letters in a file.

C. It depends on where the file is.

D. File the answers she received to the letters.


8. Man: The lights are flashing, and everyone’s going in.

Woman: We should take our seats now before the second act starts.

Narrator: Where does this conversation probably take place?

A. In an airplane

B. In a police car

C. In a theater

D. At a firework exhibit

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