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Skill 5 (Listen for Who and What in Passives)


Jika dalam percakapan terdapat pernyataan kalimat aktif, jawabannya sering berbentuk pernyataan dalam kalimat pasif.

Sebaliknya, jika dalam percakapan terdapat pernyataan kalimat pasif, jawabannya sering berbentuk pernyataan dalam kalimat aktif.

Perhatikan baik-baik pertanyaan who atau what dalam melakukan aktifitas dalam pertanyaan seperti ini.

Cara mengubah kalimat positif menjadi kalimat pasif.

Robert has closed the door.

The door has been closed by Robert.

Rony usually drinks coffee.

Coffee is usually drunk by Rony.

Ciri-ciri kalimat pasif adalah frasa (BE VERB + VERB 3)



1. Man             : Would you like to go to the new restaurant on the corner?

Woman            : Is that one that serves vegetarian food?

Narrator           : What does the woman want to know?


A. If the restaurant is on the corner.

B. If the man would like to go to the restaurant.

C. If the vegetables are fresh.

D. If vegetarian food can be obtained.


2. Man             : Has Harry heard from the law school yet?

Woman            : Yes he was admitted by the law school for the fall semester.

Narrator           : What happened to Harry?


A. He admitted that he wanted to go to law school in the fall.

B. The law school accepted him as a student.

C. The law professor admitted that he would be a student in the fall semester.

D. He would be admitted to law school after the fall semester.


3. Man: Mark said that you were a lot of help.

Woman: Well, I took care of his plants while he was out of town.

Narrator: What does the woman mean?


A. Mark’s plants were cared for in his absence.

B. Mark’s plan was to be out of town.

C. Mark was careful about his plans for the out-of-town trip.

D. She was careful while Mark was gone.


4. Woman: Do you know what happened during the lightning storm?

Man: Yes, several trees were destroyed.

Narrator: What does the man mean?


A. The lights in the tress were destroyed in the storm.

B. The storm damaged the trees.

C. The falling trees destroyed a store.

D. In the light the destruction of the storm could be seen.


5. Man: Did you see Sally? Her leg's in a cast.

Woman: Woman: Yes, I know. She told me that she broke her leg skiing in the mountains.

Narrator: What happened to Sally?


A. She was broke from skiing

B. She went skiing in spite of her accident

C. Her leg was hurt on a skiing trip

D. Her skis were broken in the mountains


6. Woman: The horses are not in very good shape now.

Man: They were ridden too long and too hard.

Narrator: What does the man mean?


A. The road the horses took was long and hard

B. It was hard to find the hidden houses

C. The riders worked the horses too much

D. It was hard for people to ride the horses for long


7. Woman: Why didn’t you order coffee?

Man: I thought it had already been ordered.

Narrator: What does the man mean?


A. He didn’t want the coffee that the woman ordered

B. He wasn’t sure if the woman wanted coffee

C. He assumed the woman had ordered coffee

D. He was unaware that coffee had already been ordered

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